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Cold weather thrift and energy

It's been below zero in Minnesota for weeks. We've been keeping the thermostat around 64 and wearing sweaters, socks and slippers. A shawl on the lap or shoulders is cozy while working at the computer.

However - my office in the basement is an icebox. That's where my desktop computer is located, so when I work in there, I've been using a space heater. Dave also has a space heater in his bedroom to take the edge off when he first goes to bed. Both of us claim to turn of four heaters when we're not in the room, and we' don't leave them on overnight.

However - our electric bill was up $40 over last month, despite our conscious efforts to use less energy and turning off all of our appliances with power strips. The heaters are the only difference we can think of.

When it's this cold, it's a quality of life issue. Since we're already bundled up, and the rooms are already insulated as well as they can be, what other ideas do you have? Battery operated socks and gloves? Udder cream?

I'm thinking about experimenting with candles, cans, bowes and tin foil. Any tips?
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