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thrifty_green's Journal

Living thriftier, greener and more mindfully
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Tips and inspiration on living greener, thriftier and more mindfully
Welcome to Thrifty Green!

About us
My wife and I are in our late 40s and have raised a blended family (her three+my two) in an old bungalow in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. We've always been politically progressive and "tried" to manage our money responsibly, be environmentally conscious, eat healthy, etc. But in truth, we were often disorganized and undisciplined. We'd compromise and choose convenience. At times our financial challenges were insurmountable (job loss, severe structural problems in our home) and we'd resort to plastic. We felt guilty that we never seemed to make progress with our money or living our values.

But feeling guilty is not a substitute for making a difference. In 2007, we were challenged by an acquaintance to "become radical" in our approach to addressing debt. That was the best-timed advice we've ever received. With our kids taking up less time and less house (all over 18), we were ready for big changes. We discovered that by more aggressively tackling our debt, we were also addressing our environmental impact. After all, saving money on utilities means using more efficient light bulbs, turning down the thermostat, etc.

We know we're late adopters and we're far from "perfect," but living thriftier and greener has made us more thoughtful, more mindful, more creative. And we feel better for it. We want to share our experiences and learn from others.

About the community
This community is about creativity, saving money, improving our use of resources, having a positive impact on the environment, and values. It's NOT about judging, scolding, arguing or moral superiority. It's not about being poor and whining about that. When we talk about "thrift" it's not always about the lowest possible cost. We like the saying, "How you spend your money is your vote for how the world should be."

I'd prefer to keep the focus on personal practices, and avoid political rants. I'd rather celebrate than despair.

I'm launching this as an open, unmoderated community. As long as people are kind, respectful and encouraging it will stay that way.

I look forward to hearing how being thrifty green is working for you!